Semalt: The Best Free Web Scraping Software

Web scraping tools and software were developed to extract information from different sites and blogs. They are also called web harvesting programs or web data extraction tools. If you are trying to gather data about your site, you may use the following web extraction programs and fetch new or existing data without a hitch.

Outwit Hub

Outwit Hub is an amazing web extraction program, which is used to collect data from hundreds to thousands of sites. This program helps extract and crawl web pages within seconds. You can use or export those pages in different formats such as JSON, SQL, and XML. It is best known for its user-friendly interface, and its premium plan costs around $50 per month with access to over 100k high-quality web pages.

It is another outstanding web extraction tool. offers us easy access to the real-time, structured, and well-organized data. It then crawls this data online and supports more than 200 languages, saving your data in different formats such as RSS, JSON, and XML. Let us here tell you that is the browser-based application that uses exclusive information while crawling or extracting your web pages.

Simple PHP Scraper

It is one of the best web extraction programs to date. Simple PHP Scraper forms datasets by importing information from specific web pages and exporting data to the CSVs. It is easy to scrape from hundreds to thousands of websites and blogs in minutes using this program. Simple PHP Scraper makes use of the cutting-edge technologies to fetch lots of data on a daily basis, which is needed by most businesses and big brands. This program comes both in free and paid versions and can be installed on Mac, Linux and Windows easily.


ScraperWiki provides supports to a large number of users and collects data from any type of site or blog. It does not require any download; it means you just have to pay for its premium version and the program will be sent to you through an email. You can instantly save your collected data on the cloud storage device or your own server. This program supports both Google Drive and and is exported as JSON and CSV.


ParseHub was developed to index or crawl multiple web pages without any need of JavaScripts, AJAX, session, cookies and redirect. This application uses a particular machine learning technology and recognizes both simple and complicated documents, generating files based on your requirements. ParseHub is a powerful web app that available for users of Mac, Linux, and Windows. The free version has restricted options, so you are better to opt for its premium version.


Scraper is best known for its free and premium versions. This web scraping program is cloud-based and helps extract from hundreds to thousands of web pages on a daily basis. Some of its most prominent options are Crawlera, Bot Counter Measure, and Crawl Builder. Scraper can convert your entire website into well-organized content and saves it for offline use automatically. The premium plan will cost you around $30 per month.